Image of Amazon Tap on white background
Amazon just announced that the Amazon Tap would be updated soon to support a new feature known as hands free mode. This will allow the device to work more like the traditional Echo or Echo Dot where you can just say, “Alexa” to activate the Alexa voice system, so all […]

Amazon Tap Without the Need to Tap?

The Braille Challenge logo with letters B and C in white on a blue background over the Alexa Skills icon template.
Last year we released the Braille Challenge skill to the Alexa Skills Store. Join Michael as he demonstrates the use of this skill in this episode of the iA DemoCast. You can find the Braille challenge at the following link. The Braille Challenge – Alexa Skills Store

34 – iA DemoCast 2: The Braille Challenge

Google Logo with Alerts in blue under the word Google
Ever wanted to know if something gets posted on the web about you or an interest that you follow? Google has a service called Google alerts to help with that. How does it work Google Alerts is a service that lets you sign up for email alerts for many popular […]

Quick Tip: Get Custom Alerts From Google Alerts

Apple AirPods in charging case
The year of 2016 has given us several new and exciting devices, and our authors here at iAccessibility will be writing about what they feel is their favorites, but I will start everything off with my favorite, which is… The Apple AirPods!!! When Apple released their new phone in September, […]

Best Device of 2016 – Michael Doise

BrailleNote Touch with Google on the screen.
The English Braille code allows for people to read and communicate at the same speed as someone who reads and writes in print. Braille Notetakers allow Braille literate users to complete tasks with speech and Braille. Humanware, a company that makes a few of these Braille notetakers has released a […]

Is the BrailleNote Touch the Notetaker of the Future?

A picture of the Windows Logo
Windows has made huge advancements in innovation since the release of Windows 10, and this continues with the Anniversary update. A great feature that was added with this update was the ability to install the Bash Shell to use with Windows instead of the standard Windows command prompt. The Bash […]

Quick Tip: Enable Bash Shell in Windows 10

Apple Dictation Logo
Dictation for the Mac and for iOS has changed the way we input text on our machines and phones. Because of this, we need to have commands to add punctuation and capital letters. We have searched the web and have compiled a list of these commands here and they work […]

Dictation Commands for macOS and iOS

A picture of the Windows Logo
Like macOS X, Microsoft offers a Windows beta test program called the Insider Preview program. In a previous episode of the iA Cast we promised a post on how to join this program and here it is. An important thing to note is that Windows Insider builds are beta versions, […]

Joining the Windows 10 Insider Preview

Side of the PowerBeats 3 with W1 Chip
Apple this year removed the headphone Jack from the iPhone 7 which demanded a change in wireless technologies for bluetooth users. To help in this, Apple created the W1 Chip which currently is on the Beats headphones and will soon be on the Apple AirPods. One advantage is that W1 […]

Guide: Pairing with W1 Enabled Headphones

Apple Zoom Logo
Gaming has been a huge portion of technology since the 1980s, and there has really not been a focus on if low vision gamers could play video games or read text. Now, with built in magnification between operating systems low vision users can finally customize their systems so that text […]

Accessible Gaming: Mac Vs Windows

The Sling icon
Sling TV is an online cable service that brings cable TV channels to your smartphone, tablet, and computer. While Sling TV brings much to the table like affordable plans and a 7 day free trial, their accessibility and app features have much to be improved upon. Lets take a look […]

Sling’s Accessibility should be in a Sling.