The Sling icon
Sling TV is an online cable service that brings cable TV channels to your smartphone, tablet, and computer. While Sling TV brings much to the table like affordable plans and a 7 day free trial, their accessibility and app features have much to be improved upon. Lets take a look […]

Sling’s Accessibility should be in a Sling.

VO Starter App Icon
iAccessibility is proud to announce that VO Starter 3.0 is now in the Beta phase of development. As such, we are offering the opportunity for a public beta test through TestFlight. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and you will receive a TestFlight invite in your […]

VO Starter 3.0 Public Beta

image of MacBook Pro 2016 from iMore.com
Last week I had the chance to check out the 2016 MacBook Pro that is 13 inch without the new Touch Bar, and my thoughts on this machine are mixed. Here is what I observed. Chasis The 2016 MacBook Pros come in what feels like a new type of anodized […]

First Look: 13 Inch 2016 MacBook Pro without Touch Bar

image of MacBook Pro 2016 from iMore.com 1
This week Apple introduced all new MacBook Pro laptops with an AMOLED Touch Bar, which replaces the function keys. Although this changes how users work with the Mac, the Touch Bar allows quick access to tools and controls that may be difficult to find. Not only does the Touch Bar […]

VoiceOver at the Bar

image of MacBook Pro 2016 from iMore.com
The MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar has changed the way users interact with their Macs. The Touch bar removes the traditional row of function keys for a customizable touch bar that can have different options based on which app is active. While this changes the way we use the Mac […]

Quick Tip: How To Enable VoiceOver Using The Touch Bar

A map showing that much of Friday's Internet outage was over the US.
On Friday October 20, 2016, much of the popular websites of the internet went down thanks to an attack that used millions of Internet of Things devices to hit servers that kept internet websites going. Internet of Things devices are common devices that we keep in our homes, and can […]

How To Prevent Attacks and be a Good Internet Citizen

iAccessibility Logo
iAccessibility is proud to announce that we are now offering online training for those looking to increase their technology knowledge. Our trainers can teach students in many different areas of technology, from iOS to Windows and even  the Mac. Our training pricing is $18 per hour, and we use Skype […]

Online Training: A New Service from iAccessibility

Picture of Tile device. Device is a white square with rounded corners with the word Tile in a light grey. It also has a round hole in a corner for a key ring.
Have you ever traveled to a destination and had difficulty finding your luggage? Tile, a new device with a mobile app aims to fix this issue is now available, but is this solution accessible? Lets take a look at the app and the devices themselves. •What is a Tile? A Tile is […]

Traveling Made Easy with Tile

image showing three views of the same Apple Watch Series 2
On this episode of the iA Cast, Rich Cavallaro unboxes his new iPhone 7 Plus, and Michael Doise unboxes the new Apple Watch series 2. We set up these devices, and we take a look at the differences between load times on the Apple Watch series 2 compared to the […]

18 – UnboxCast Part 2

Picture showing iPhone 7 box with black iPhone picture on top
On this episode of iA Cast, Daniel Miller and Jessica Smith unbox their new iPhone 7 Plus phones and we discuss the latest news over the weekend. Here is what was discussed. Latest information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall We discuss the latest news of HissGate and what […]

17 – UnboxCast Part 1

Image of Apple Airpods sitting on top of Rose Gold iPhone 7
On this episode of iA Cast, we cover the following topics. iOS 10 has been released. Apple iOS 10 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus announced. Apple Watch Series 2 announced. Apple Watch Series 2 Pokemon Go announced for Apple Watch. Apple Announces AirPods bluetooth earphones. Apple AirPods Samsung Galaxy Note 7 […]

16 – AirBoom

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iA Cast is back, and today we introduce some of our new podcasters and talk about what you can expect for future episodes of the iA Cast

15 – Introductions