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This podcast was recorded on December 1, 2016, and it is hosted by Michael Doise. Accompanying Michael on this episode is Jason Earls, and Jessica Smith. This episode covers the following topics: Black Friday/Cyber Monday DealsIn this segment, we discuss our holiday spending and deals we found interesting. W1-Enabled HeadphonesIn […]

28 – The Future is NOW

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Hello, and welcome to another delayed edition of our podcast! We are hopeful that our schedule will be a little more regular soon, so we hope you all are sticking with us. In this episode, which was recorded on November 16, 2016, we cover the following topics: A Backdoor to […]

27 – Backdoor

Image of Surface Dial on top of a touch screen displaying the time.
Welcome to episode 26 of the #IACast! This episode was recorded on November 9, 2016. Listen to this podcast to hear Michael, Jessica, Daniel, and Jason discuss the following topics: Accessible Voting Are you over 18 and a United States citizen? If so, we hope you voted in this year’s […]

26 – Dial It Up

Apple invite for its Hello Again event.
We apologize for the delay in uploading the podcast, but we hope you will enjoy hearing our coverage of the recent Microsoft and Apple Events. The Microsoft Event took place on Wednesday, October 26, and the Apple Event took place on Thursday, October 27. For information about what was released […]

25 – Fruit or Flop?

A map showing that much of Friday's Internet outage was over the US.
Thanks for checking out the #IACast. This episode was recorded on Tuesday, October 25, 2016, and uploaded on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Let’s get right down to what happened this week! What Broke the Internet on Friday? Half of the internet went down on Friday, or at least it seemed […]

24 – Silence!!! I Kill the Internet!

Apple invite for its Hello Again event.
Thank you for checking out #IACast, episode 23! In this episode, we discuss the following: Google Pixel Reviews are Here Reviews are out for the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Do people love it? Hate it? Does it have the best camera ever? We give our thoughts on the […]

23 – Hello Again

Picture of fire proof Samsung Note 7 box with fire resistant gloves.
Welcome to another episode of the #IACast podcast! A lot has happened since episode 21, so let’s get right to it! After Matthew In case you’ve been living under a rock and missed the hurricane that devastated areas along the east coast, let us fill you in. Hurricane Matthew affected […]

22 – Burn Notice

Image showing front, side and back shots of the Really Blue Google Pixel
Hello, and welcome to IA Cast, episode 21! A lot has happened in the last week, including: Two Apple iPhones made the news in an explosive way. Should you be concerned?First, an iPhone 7 exploded during the shipping process, and then a college student’s iPhone 6 Plus exploded during class. […]

21 – Pixelation

A picture of the xBox One S with controller.
This one’s for the gamers! Join a few members of the iAccessibility crew as we unbox and setup two accessible gaming systems.

20 – UnboxCast 3

Image showing iPhone 7 being drilled in to for non existent headphone jack.
Welcome to the latest episode of IA Cast. In this episode, we discuss the latest news, including: Some iPhone 7 owners are drilling 3.5mm holes into their new phones, because a YouTuber told them to do it! Say what?iPhone 7 users are drilling holes into their devices Separate, Not EqualFind […]

19 – Not Just Any Hole Will Do

image showing three views of the same Apple Watch Series 2
On this episode of the iA Cast, Rich Cavallaro unboxes his new iPhone 7 Plus, and Michael Doise unboxes the new Apple Watch series 2. We set up these devices, and we take a look at the differences between load times on the Apple Watch series 2 compared to the […]

18 – UnboxCast Part 2

Picture showing iPhone 7 box with black iPhone picture on top
On this episode of iA Cast, Daniel Miller and Jessica Smith unbox their new iPhone 7 Plus phones and we discuss the latest news over the weekend. Here is what was discussed. Latest information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall We discuss the latest news of HissGate and what […]

17 – UnboxCast Part 1