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    Fedloan is a company characterized by concern for its customers. For Fedloan it is important to provide a quick and transparent service in your responses and transactions. It is part of 4Fiance Group (leading multinational company in credit and mini-credit) with headquarters in Luxembourg.

    The company provides an unbeatable confidentiality of the data supplied by the applicants combining it with the comfort, since only an internet connection is necessary to make the request no matter where the customer is. It is concerned with maintaining a permanent innovation by adapting to this changing world of customers who always demand more and better services.

    Fedloan works with companies such as Instantr and Confianza Online to control customer satisfaction and improve services through all channels.

    What should be done to apply for a loan?

    Mainly, you must indicate the amount you want which can be a maximum of 800 € the first time you apply for a loan with this company and a maximum of € 2,500 if you are already a client of the entity. A simulator available on the web page will allow to calculate with real conditions the installments payable according to the requested capital and the term in which it would be intended to return the same. The maximum term of repayment of the loan with its interests will have a maximum of 24 months.

    Once the transaction is calculated, the request is made by completing the form, also online, with the personal data of the applicant. The age required to apply for the loan with Fedloan must be between 26 and 69 years, and must prove to be resident in Spain.

    If the information is completed correctly and the same is favorable according to the Fedloan risk analysis, the credit will be approved in a few minutes and the money will be sent to the account that has been requested.

    Fedloan allows its clients to extend the term of credit up to a maximum of two months in a year, taking into account that the borrower must comply with certain conditions and accept payment of a commission and the restructuring of interest on the capital to be settled .


    At the time of making the payment of the debt to the lender, the same must be done in a bank account number provided by Fedloan. If a default occurs, a record of delinquency will be opened to the client with due consequences.

    Fedloan offers full control of the loan because through the website you have access to view the status of the loan at any time, clarify any doubts, make changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also offers the alert service to its clients when the date of payment of their debt is approaching, thus minimizing the risk of the unnecessary appearance of interest due to default or forgetfulness. The client can extend the days of the term of his credit in certain conditions. It is also possible to pay any installment or the remaining capital before the scheduled date and thus save on interest. This option is an advantage that not all companies offer.

    Contact information

    To contact Fedloan, telephone number 910 606 622 or email info@Fedloan.es is available.

    The customer service number 900.81.22.81 is available for claims related to interest and rights of the borrower. This action can also be carried out by postal mail at the address Calle Genova 27, 2nd floor, 28004 Madrid.

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