iA CareerClub

Attention Job Seekers!

iAccessibility has started a new program called the iA CareerClub that connects job seekers to established individuals in several different career industries. This service is aimed at helping individuals find a job or develop their current career. We do this by providing valuable resources and strategies that will assist a job seeker in finding a new, fulfilling job.

What’s involved?

iAccessibility has created a WhatsApp group and a mailing list to connect you to individuals in many different career fields. Once subscribed, we encourage you to reach out to the other job seekers and employers in the group to get your questions answered

Seminars and Webinars

iAccessibility will be offering paid seminars and webinars throughout the year. As a CareerClub member, you will get discounts on these events, and we encourage all of our members to attend. During these events, a person will tell their story and open the event up for questions from the audience.

We will also have webinars on resume writing and other job related skills training topics. Additionally, we will have courses on basic skills such as confidence building and others.


The iA CareerClub comes in two plans. Signing up for the job plan lets you access the WhatsApp group, subscribe to our mailing list, and attend all seminars and webinars. Our Career plan lets you access additional job resources like resume templates and practice cover letters to help in your career.

Both plans will give discounts to our open seminars as they become available.

Please email us with any questions to feedback@iaccessibility.net.

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