Sticker Services

Image showing iMessage Sticker Packs, and iMessage apps.Do you like those nice new stickers that are available in the iOS 10 messages app? Stickers are a new and popular way to express yourself, and now you can let others express themselves by using your images.

iAccessibility is now making sticker packs for iMessage. Our process is simple and your stickers should be in the iMessage App Store within a week. All we need is your images that will be the stickers, some basic information, and an icon which is an image file in landscape format that can be used in the App Store.

We charge the following prices for sticker pack submissions.

  • $100 for a standard sticker pack. iAccessibility will host the pack in iTunes Connect
  • $250 for a sticker pack that will be hosted on a separate iTunes Connect account.

To get started, please fill out the below form, and we will email you for more information on completing your project.

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