Want to learn to write apps for all Apple platforms using SwiftUI? iAccessibility has you covered with our SwiftUI training classes. Our first class will start on October 24th 2019 at 7:00 PM Central Time.


You will need a Mac running macOS 10.14 or later, with Xcode 11 or later.

Class Schedule

Week 1: October 24th – Getting started with Xcode Part 1 (2 Hours)

Week 2: October 31st – Getting started with Xcode Part 2 (2 Hours)

Week 3: October 7th Р Getting started with Swift Part 1 (2 Hours)

Week 4: November 14th – Getting started with Swift Part 2 (2 hours)

Week 5: November 21th – Basics of SwiftUI (2 hours)

Week 6: November 5th – App project files, folders, and groups (2 hours)

Week 7: December 12th – Building basic User Interfaces (2 Hours)

Week 8: December 19th – Building App Navigation (2 Hours)

Week 9: January 2nd – Add behind the scenes code (2 hours)

Week 10: January 9th – Wrapping up, and final steps (2 hours)

Final Project

This course Will have a final project which consists of an app you will finish during the classes. This app will be fully functional, and will consist of navigation controllers and text to speech APIs.

Class Size

This class support 10 participants. There are currently 5 registered so there are 5 seats available.

Class Medium

We will be using Zoom meetings for this class. A meeting request will be sent to you by email when the next class time is scheduled.

Class Registration

Please list any programming experience you may have. This will help to determine how to help teach each student during the training class.
Please select the classes you wish to register for.

Please pay for registration through PayPal after submitting this form. You will not be registered for the class until your payment has been reviewed. You will receive an email when your registration has been approved.