iAccessibility offers online training to those seeking training in many different areas of technology. Training prices are affordable and are listed below.

  • $18.00 per hour. Number of hours may vary depending on experience.

Please use the form below to apply for training. The first hour of training is free with purchase of training hours. Please note that you must purchase hours to receive the first free hour of training. Once submitted, an iAccessibility trainer will get in contact with you to arrange the training course schedule and payment.

Training Classes include but are not limited to:

  • iOS
  • iOS Shortcuts App
  • Android
  • Windows with JAWS
  • Windows with NVDA
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Web Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android App Development
  • Amazon Web Services
  • WordPress
  • Office 365

How to Begin

We are very excited to work with you on your training needs. Please pick from the drop down menu below to select the desired number of training hours. Please remember that your first hour of training is free. After you pay for training, a member of the iAccessibility training team will contact you for an interview to determine what training needs you might have. After your interview, we will pair you with a trainer.

Training Hours