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iAccessibility now has a new author to write for our site. Please welcome Rich Cavallaro to the team of writers.

Welcome Rich Cavallaro

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There are some occasions where you might want to download something on your iOS device but you are told that you must have a Wi-Fi connection. Here is how you can get around this obstacle. Just remember though that this will take up your data plan but if you are […]

Quick Tip: Bypass iOS Wi-Fi requirement

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Pokemon Go is the newest craze on both iOS and Android bringing in millions of players to Nintendo’s classic franchise, but could this market be bigger with blind users, and could the game be made accessible for VoiceOver users to play? Surprisingly, the answer is yes to both questions. Here […]

Could VoiceOver Users Catch Them All in Pokemon Go?

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I would like to welcome our latest writer to the iAccessibility Report Ashley Coleman. Ashley will be writing about which apps she has tried and if they are accessible or not. I am sure we will also see great articles on many different technology topics so we are happy to […]

Welcome Ashley Coleman

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The title of this article is essentially what is said when you power on Aftershockz’ newest bluetooth headset the Trekz Titanium. In the past, we have typically blogged about apps and have written about platforms like the Echo, but we really haven’t talked much about headsets until now. What makes these […]

Welcome to Trekz Titanium by Aftershockz

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The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) just passed resolution 2016-04 Regarding Apple’s Inadequate Testing of Software Releases. This resolution specifically targeted Apple’s testing of accessibility of VoiceOver between betas. Many spoke up during this event, and I honestly think that there were more against this resolution than for, but the […]

#NFB16 Resolution 2016-04

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Do you have the Amazon Echo with Alexa? If so, then you will soon be able to test your knowledge of Braille by playing the Braille Challenge game on the Amazon Echo, which is coming soon.

The Braille Challenge is coming to Alexa

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Fasten is a new ride sharing service that has moved to Austin to help fill the void from Lyft and Uber, but is Fasten accessible? Fasten Accessibility Fasten is the latest app to offer ride sharing in Austin and When I downloaded the app I was able to sign up, […]

Is Fasten Fascinating?