image showing three views of the same Apple Watch Series 2
On this episode of the iA Cast, Rich Cavallaro unboxes his new iPhone 7 Plus, and Michael Doise unboxes the new Apple Watch series 2. We set up these devices, and we take a look at the differences between load times on the Apple Watch series 2 compared to the […]

18 – UnboxCast Part 2

Picture showing iPhone 7 box with black iPhone picture on top
On this episode of iA Cast, Daniel Miller and Jessica Smith unbox their new iPhone 7 Plus phones and we discuss the latest news over the weekend. Here is what was discussed. Latest information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall We discuss the latest news of HissGate and what […]

17 – UnboxCast Part 1

Image of Apple Airpods sitting on top of Rose Gold iPhone 7
On this episode of iA Cast, we cover the following topics. iOS 10 has been released. Apple iOS 10 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus announced. Apple Watch Series 2 announced. Apple Watch Series 2 Pokemon Go announced for Apple Watch. Apple Announces AirPods bluetooth earphones. Apple AirPods Samsung Galaxy Note 7 […]

16 – AirBoom

iAccessibility Logo
iA Cast is back, and today we introduce some of our new podcasters and talk about what you can expect for future episodes of the iA Cast

15 – Introductions

Image of Twitter logo for iOS.
Twitter for iOS has updated their app with a feature called Night Mode that changes the app’s color scheme to allow for higher contrast text. This feature allows for users to read tweets easier by showing text on a dark background with light colored text. Here is how to enable […]

Quick Tip: Enable Night Mode in the iOS Twitter App

Picture of macOS Notes icon showing a note pad with lines
Apple’s latest release of its Macintosh operating system, macOS 10.12 Sierra lets users add links to websites into the notes app, which contain the site’s icon, and a brief description of the site. This is a great new feature, but it doesn’t always show up, and here is why. Manually […]

Adding Links in Notes

icon showing iOS 10 and macOS icon for Siri
Apple has introduced its latest release of its operating system for the Mac called macOS X 10.12 Sierra. Apple has added its snarky digital assistant to this release of the operating system, and there are some easy ways to access Siri while on the Mac. We will discuss three of […]

How to access Siri on the Mac   Recently updated !

Image of Vario Ultra 20 cell Braille display on white background.
Are you looking for a Braille display that is lightweight, portable and easy to use? The VarioUltra from BAUM might be what you are looking for. When I think of great Braille displays this one has to be on the top my list. It has many great features, including its […]

What I Like About VarioUltra

Image showing the clock icon for iOS. icon is a picture of a clock on back background. Minute Hand is at 2 and hour hand is at 10.
Are you having trouble getting up in the morning? Apple’s new Bedtime feature helps you make sure you go to bed at a time that best suits you. Bedtime lets you set what time you want to go to bed and wake up and the app notifies you when you […]

Why Does Bedtime Help with Sleep Schedules?

image showing Removable app icon for Weather in iOS
iOS 10 adds the ability to hide certain stock apps from view. This will remove the app from your home screen, but will not delete the app from your phone. Many of these apps are very small, so they should not take up much space on your device. If you […]

Hiding Stock apps in #iOS10

iPhone phone icon showing a white phone handset on a green gradient background.
iOS 10 adds a new feature to the iPhone that lets you know who is calling. When this feature is turned on, iOS will speak the name of the person who is calling. The feature will not read phone numbers at this time, but will read names that are in your […]

Quick Tip: Want to know who’s calling without looking at ...

Image showing the Victor Reader stream on a white background.
Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7 The very popular HumanWare Victor Reader Stream has as of September 14, 2016 has been updated to include the following features. Below the summary, see descriptions of how they work in detail. Support for subscribing and unsubscribing to NFB Newsline publications directly on the Stream. […]

Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7 New Features