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Many companies have swooped in to the Austin area to pick up the slack that Lyft and Uber have left, but as we always do here at iAccessibility, we must ask if we can use that app for that, and if Fare is fair. App Accessibility with FARE A few […]

Is FARE Fair?

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With everything that has happened in Austin and with other cities with ridesharing, we find ourselves without the services we come to rely on and must attempt to use similar services to fill the void. Get Me, a service supported by the City of Austin, is one such service, but […]

Get Me some Accessibility

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Last week I had the chance to play with Square Cash for Android. Square Cash is an app for iOS and Android that lets its users send money between users without each party incurring a fee. Cash for iOS has been relatively accessible, allowing blind and low vision users the […]

Square Cash for Android with Talkback

Image of Amazon Echo
In 2014, Amazon released the beta version of its Echo device that lets users speak and get answers to questions. The Echo seems to be Amazon’s version of Siri, but with a few features Siri does not have. I just purchased an Echo, and have loved my experience with this […]

Echo Accessibility

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Episode notes ON this episode of iA Cast we discuss the latest Apple news, and we talk about the new version of the Raspberry Pi, a $35 computer that can fit in your pocket We discuss that Sony is bringing their streaming PlayStation game playing service to the Mac, and […]


iPad Classroom iOS 9.3
Episode Show Notes On this episode of iA Cast we discuss the following Discussed the Apple VS FBI case. To learn more, visit http://www.apple.com/customer-letter Discussed the Uber driver tragedy and how this could effect Lyft and Uber. Discussed new releases from Mobile World Congress this week. Discussed New betas and […]

Apple Problems – iA Cast

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Episode Notes It has been since December since we recorded a new podcast, so here is what we have covered this week. We discussed the updates that have been made here at iAccessibility concerning the podcast and our website. Review of the new iPhone 6s battery case Discuss the pros […]

Digital Accessible Art!

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s
Episode Notes On this episode of iA Cast recorded on December 21, 2015, I discuss the following topics. Changes to iAccessibility’s home page and why there have not been podcast episodes. The iPhone 6s battery case and why people #lovethehump or #hatethehump. Problems with Apple Music and previous libraries.

What’s With the Hump?

This week on the iA Cast, we discuss the following topics. Michael’s confusion about the iPhone reservation process The New Apple TV, and how it works Release date of iOS 9 and Mac OS X El Capitan Discussion of BlindSquare and AroundMe apps Discussion of state of Android accessibility Apple […]

The Apple Waiting Game

Image of Apple Pencil being used with iPad Pro on flat surface
Many writers at iMore have stated that Mac OS X is not designed to be a touch based operating system. This is because the programs are not built to work with a touch interface, but what if a team were to build apps for iOS that did the same as […]

Speculation: Penciling in OS X?

Image of Apple Pencil being used with iPad Pro on flat surface
This weekend I received my Apple Pencil, and the first thing I did was get my iPad Pro and pair it with the Apple Pencil. The process is very simple and will take less than a minute. Here is how you pair the two devices. Pairing the Apple Pencil The […]

Pairing Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

iPad Classroom iOS 9.3
iOS has been changing a lot this year, and Apple has seeded beta 1 of iOS 9.3 to developers. iMore has written a great question and answer post on this update and you can read it by going to the link below. iMore – iOS 9.3 FAQ: What you need […]