Fasten app icon
Fasten is a new ride sharing service that has moved to Austin to help fill the void from Lyft and Uber, but is Fasten accessible? Fasten Accessibility Fasten is the latest app to offer ride sharing in Austin and When I downloaded the app I was able to sign up, […]

Is Fasten Fascinating?

Subscriptions screen in iOS
Safari is Apple’s Web browser for iOS and Mac OS, but did you know that it could also be used as a RSS reader? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, and it is used in creating content that users can subscribe to like blogs. The iAccessibility Report is one such […]

Quick Tip: Using Safari as an RSS Reader

Ride Austin Logo
There have been many new ridesharing services to enter Austin since Lyft and Uber have left us, but one stands out and may be the one service to rule them all. Ride Austin is an app developed by local Austin tech companies and the app is a nonprofit service. The […]

First Look: Ride Austin

FARE app icon
Many companies have swooped in to the Austin area to pick up the slack that Lyft and Uber have left, but as we always do here at iAccessibility, we must ask if we can use that app for that, and if Fare is fair. App Accessibility with FARE A few […]

Is FARE Fair?

Image of Get Me icon
With everything that has happened in Austin and with other cities with ridesharing, we find ourselves without the services we come to rely on and must attempt to use similar services to fill the void. Get Me, a service supported by the City of Austin, is one such service, but […]

Get Me some Accessibility

Square Cash app icon
Last week I had the chance to play with Square Cash for Android. Square Cash is an app for iOS and Android that lets its users send money between users without each party incurring a fee. Cash for iOS has been relatively accessible, allowing blind and low vision users the […]

Square Cash for Android with Talkback

Image of Amazon Echo
In 2014, Amazon released the beta version of its Echo device that lets users speak and get answers to questions. The Echo seems to be Amazon’s version of Siri, but with a few features Siri does not have. I just purchased an Echo, and have loved my experience with this […]

Echo Accessibility