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  • #iACast 150 – Apple, Microsoft, and Sony Level up
    Show Description On this episode, Michael and Jason discuss Apple’s new M1 Macs. Michael shows off his iPhone 12 Pro Max, prompting a discussion comparing the sound of the iPhone 12 line to the iPhone 11. Finally, they talk about the new Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Sony’s new Playstation 5. They also… Continue Reading Home
  • #iACast 149 – iPhone 12 Pro First Impressions
    Show Description On this episode, Michael, Leslie and Jason talk about upgrading to the new iPhones, and the accessories they would like to purchase for them. Leslie has already received her iPhone 12 Pro, and gives some of her first impressions of it. They also talk about the speculation of the iPhone 12 series having… Continue Reading Home
  • #iACodeCast 3 – Getting Started with Python
    Show Description On this episode, Michael discusses the benefits of Python as a programming language, and how to get started with Python on several different platforms.
  • #SafetyCast 7 Spam Likely
    Show Description On this episode, Leslie, George, and Meaghan discuss scams; types of scams, how to protect against them, and how to report them. Since they couldn’t possibly cover everything in one show, here is more information on the various types of scams. You can also find information specifically about imposter scams that appear to come from… Continue Reading Home
  • #Safety Cast 6 College Rules
    Show Description Meaghan, George, and Leslie discuss navigating college life, and important safety tips for using ride share services. Some of the most important tips covered in this episode are: limiting distractions while walking at night, letting others know where you are going , signing up for campus security alerts, getting to know your neighbors,… Continue Reading Home
  • #SafetyCast 5 What Next
    Show Description As a follow-up to the previous show, Leslie, Meaghan and George discuss options for continuing to stay safe after the storm or disaster. They talk about issues such as keeping documents safe in various formats and keeping food for as long as possible. The team also discuss ways to let other’s no you are… Continue Reading Home
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