Rich Cavallaro

Brailliant 14
A 14-cell braille display is not new. We have seen these before with devices such as the Focus 14 Blue from VFO group and the Smart Beetle from HIMS. HumanWare, makers of the popular Brailliant braille displays that come in 32, 40 and 80 cells, have announced a smaller model of the display called the Brailliant […]

The Brailliant 14: Increasing Productivity in A Small Package

Bose QC35 Headphones
My Favorite Device Of 2016 As we start 2017, we are at the start of a year where I know we will see new developments in all types of technologies. From smart phones to tablets to audio and more. But in this post, I want to look back at 2016. […]

My Favorite Device Of 2016 Bose QC35’s

Image of a Google Home
We are entering a market where the internet connected products that is controlled via voice is starting to get competitive. Up until now Amazon’s Echo has been the well-known product on the block. Now, in November 2016, Google Home is released. In this review, I hope to talk about how […]

Google Home First impressions

Image showing the Victor Reader stream on a white background.
Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7 The very popular HumanWare Victor Reader Stream has as of September 14, 2016 has been updated to include the following features. Below the summary, see descriptions of how they work in detail. Support for subscribing and unsubscribing to NFB Newsline publications directly on the Stream. […]

Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7 New Features

Image showing VoiceOver icon. icon is a grey gradient to white with a universal access symbol and a speaker with sound waves going to the right.
Up until iOS 10, the process for a Voiceover user to move apps and organize them into folders involved some work. One had to use the pass-through gesture-the 1-finger double tap and hold to get into editing mode. Then one had to be careful and drag icons around the screen […]

Organizing Apps in iOS 10 With Voiceover