MUDAbility – Accessible MUD Client for macOS

Have you been searching for an accessible MUD client for the Mac? Well, iAccessibility is excited to announce that your wait is over. iAccessibility is proud to announce MUDAbility, an accessible MUD client for the Mac.


MUDAbility 1.6 is here and here is the full feature list.

  • We have added support for other games which include AardWolf and Alter Eon.
  • We now have a nice shiny new blue theme for MUDAbility. Text is white on a dark background for high contrast.
  • All output is spoken with system set text to speech.
  • Words are spoken as typed so VoiceOver is not required.
  • Your game will continue to speed even when new content is added.
  • You can press command + 1 through command + 0 to hear the last 10 spoken items in the output.
  • Rate is configurable through commands. Game speech and word echo are both controlled by the same command
  • We have added built in help to give instructions on what commands to type.
  • All commands are now typed with a slash at the beginning so that they don’t conflict with commands in game.
  • You can separate commands on the same line by putting a space after one command, a semi-colon, and another space before the next command.
  • Up and down arrows to select the most recently used commands.
  • Control Key will stop and start speech.
  • Option key will silence speech completely until new output is read.
  • Continuous Spell check for typed text coming 7/1
  • We have added support for automatic updates to MUDAbility. This will work from the app’s menu bar menu.
  • A critical bug has been fixed that crashed the app when the wrong host or port is entered.
  • A bug has been fixed that could cause incoming text to crash the program.
  • Improved support for Spell Check
  • Bigger blocks of text can now be sent to a server. the app will not crash now.
  • You can now save and load your preferred speech rate
  • You can now type /reconnect to reconnect to your last game server.
  • Connect, Disconnect and Reconnect menu items have been added You can also use Command + Option + C to bring up the connection dialog, Command + Option + D to disconnect, and Command + Option + R to reconnect.

Planned features

MUDABility is still in development, and our goal is to have our client ready for the Mac App Store soon. Here is what we are planning to add shortly.

  • Automatic Updates. the system is in 1.3, but still needs some work.
  • Character by character text to speech on input
  • Characters and Words for text to speech input
  • Sound Packs with MSP support (MUD Sound Protocol.
  • Saved servers
  • VoiceOver detection system speech will only be used if VoiceOver is not running
  • And much more

We at iAccessibility really hope that you enjoy this app, and please leave us feedback on how we can make it better at


While MUDAbility is currently a Mac client for Muds, we do have plans to make it a Windows and iOS client as well if we meet our goals.

Windows Client: $1,000

iOS client> $1,500

Current progress: $220

If we meet our goal for the Windows client, then all users that have downloaded the app will receive the Windows client for free.