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Super Visa is an opportunity for parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residence holders, which is also called Multiple Entry Visa or Visitor Visa. Its duration is about 10 years or before one month of expiry date of passport of visitor. Meanwhile, who got super visa can live in Canada at least for 2 years. The dominant feature of super visa is less processing time than other visas.
The rudimentary prerequisite for Super Visa is Letter of Invitation, which includes few basic information of visitor as well as the person who is sponsoring …such as Full name, DOB, Address and phone number, relation to the person, main motive of that trip, time period for visit, the particular region where the person will live and management of expenses.
For more information contact@ +1 (587) 718-8001
TheSuperVisa.Com provides Super Visa Insurance,Visitor Insurance & all types of Insurance services in Calgary Canada

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