iACast 125 – Siri and Privacy

Show Description
On this episode, Michael, Jason, Aleeha, and Meaghan discuss Siri recordings being listened to by Apple contractors and the possible implications surrounding this controversy.
We discuss the latest on the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint..
We then discussed a lawsuit against Dominos for website accessibility.. Although it is not a news article, this thread from Twitter does a great job of explaining why this lawsuit is such a big deal.
We talked about upcoming possible product launches including the rerelease of the Samsun Galaxy Fold, and the Google Pixel 4.
We also mentioned the zoom feature that has come to the Nintendo Switch.
For this week’s advertisement, we talk about the development of an app currently called Project Vision. We also touch on recent fixes for our podcasts and an upcoming Android app.
Aleeha: iGrill
Meaghan: Echo Dot 3rd Generation
Jason: Bobiverse Series by Dennis E. Taylor
Michael: The stereo pairing of Apple Homepods