iACast 150 – Apple, Microsoft, and Sony Level up

Show Description

On this episode, Michael and Jason discuss Apple’s new M1 Macs. Michael shows off his iPhone 12 Pro Max, prompting a discussion comparing the sound of the iPhone 12 line to the iPhone 11. Finally, they talk about the new Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Sony’s new Playstation 5. They also discuss videos that have been circulating online showing smoke coming from the Xbox Series 5. These videos appear to have been Faked.


Apple releases M1 versions of the Mac. The current lineup contains the 13 inch MacBook Air, the 13 inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini.


Perspective AI.

Perspective AI is an app in development that will allow you to point the camera of your phone at text to have it read out loud. It will also be able to read currency, describe objects, and so much more. If you’d like to help test the app, you can get in touch with us, and we will add you to the TestFlight beta. We also have a WhatsApp group if you’d like to chat about the app and provide feedback there as well. If you’d like to join, let us know. We always want to hear your thoughts. You’ll find our contact info at the bottom of this post.


Jason: Network Effect by Martha Wells

Michael: Titans available to stream from HBO Max

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