Picture of Linux Lgo named Tux
In this episode, Jason and Jeremy discuss using Linux as an alternative to Windows and macOS. Topics include: Ubuntu and Debian, two distributions of Linux, The Orca and Speakup screenreaders, BRLTTY, a braille display daemon for Orca and other console screenreaders, The Debian Accessibility Wiki which has great information about the accessibility options available for Debian. You can also apply […]

#iACast 58: Linux as an Alternative to Windows

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On this episode of the iACast, Aleeha, Jason, Meaghan and Dan discuss a wide variety of topics relating to advocating for accessibility. Topics range from getting accommodations in school and in the workplace to contacting developers about access issues in apps or websites. We also mentioned that every state in […]

#iACast 57 – Advocating for Accessibility

Image showing VoiceOver icon. icon is a grey gradient to white with a universal access symbol and a speaker with sound waves going to the right.
On September 25, 2017, Apple released macOS High Sierra to the public. Here are some new enhancements to VoiceOver. Enhanced Multilingual Support If VoiceOver detects that a language has been associated with text that it’s reading, it Will automatically switch to another voice and will read the text in that […]

What’s New in VoiceOver for macOS High Sierra

watchOS 4 ceramic series3 control center connected to device
The Third generation of Apple Watch was just released, and with it comes the ability to use the Watch while on a cellular network such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile, but how exactly does this device communicate with Apple to get content to your watch? Experimentation The first thing […]

How Does the Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular Work?

iAccessibility App Development
Hello World! This is the first episode of an all new show from iAccessibility where we discuss all things code. On this episode we discuss the basics of coding and how to get started. Text Editors Bluefish Editor : Home Bare Bones Software | TextWrangler CotEditor -Text Editor for macOS […]

iA CodeCast 1: Hello World!

iOS 11
On Tuesday, September 19th, Apple released iOS 11, bringing with it some new VoiceOver features and improvements. Apps You can now drag and drop apps using VoiceOver To do this, do the following: While on the home screen, double tap and hold to enter edit mode. Find an app you […]

What’s New in VoiceOver in iOS 11

iOS 11 5
A few days ago, I discovered an article written by someone in the blind community criticizing a new feature that has been implemented in iOS 11. Background: In iOS 11, Apple has implemented a new feature dealing with the way VoiceOver manages the Actions Rotor in the Mail App. If […]

Maybe it’s not Apple with the problem: Maybe it’s us

A Guide dog in Harness
On this episode of The Pawdcast, Aleeha, Matt, and Jason speak with Dan and Corinne about the process of raising a puppy for a guide dog school.

The PawdCast 2: Puppy Raising

iOS 11
In this episode, Matt, Jason, Shawn, and Aleeha talk about the bugs new features of iOS 11 in this iACast special podcast. Features include New Siri Voices Verbosity settings in VoiceOver Changes to Control Center Braille Support

#iACast Special: New Features in iOS 11

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Aleeha demonstrates Blinded Guide, an accessible game from Works where you help Blinded Bob navigate around obstacles while walking in a city. LWorks – Blinded Guide

#iACast GameCast 1 – Blinded Guide

iPhone X Home Screen
As predicted, Apple released all new hardware at their September 2017 event Just as predictably, iACast hosts Jason, Michael, Aleeha and Meaghan talk about the latest hardware announcements on this episode of the iA Cast. Here are the highlights of what was talked about. Apple pays tribute to Steve jobs […]

#iACast 56 – Apple iPhone Event 2017

iOS 11
Each year, Apple releases a new version of iOS with new features which change the operating system in ways that can cause bugs for users. While we all wish this did not happen it is inevitable, and it is good to know what works and what does not work, so […]

Known iOS 11 Bugs