iAccessibility offers the following paid services.

Online SwiftUI Training

SwiftUI is Apple’s most recent method for creating user interfaces for all of its platforms. iAccessibility is the first company to bring you an accessible training course on the topic of learning to program apps with Swift and SwiftUI.

Online Training

iAccessibility offers the best online training in areas including

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Software Development
  • and many more topics

App Development

Have an idea that you’d like to see an app? Let iAccessibility build it for you! We can build apps for iOS and Android.

Apps made by iAccessibility include:

  • iAccessibility for iOS
  • PocketBraille for iOS and Android
  • VO Starter for iOS
  • ACB Link for iOS and Android
  • Blind Bargains for iOS and Android
  • Current City for iOS
  • Start Speaking for iOS and Android
  • VO Change for iOS

Web Hosting Services

iAccessibility offers the best web hosting and development services around. Hosting through iAccessibility will give you the ability to host any number of domains, emails, databases and more, and we will even help you build your website.

TeamTalk Server Hosting

TeamTalk is an accessible platform for collaborating with friends and colleagues, and iAccessibility offers the cheapest and most stable TeamTalk servers on the web. Servers are only $3 per month.

iOS Sticker Services

Everyone likes stickers, and you can get your own custom iMessage Sticker pack from iAccessibility. just send us your images, and we can build you an app that will contain your custom iMessage Sticker pack. You can see the iAccessibility stickers in the iAccessibility app for iOS.

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