#iACast 19 – Not Just Any Hole Will Do

Welcome to the latest episode of IA Cast. In this episode, we discuss the latest news, including:

  • Some iPhone 7 owners are drilling 3.5mm holes into their new phones, because a YouTuber told them to do it! Say what?iPhone 7 users are drilling holes into their devices
  • Separate, Not EqualFind out what we think about companies that create separate interfaces and feature sets for users, depending on the assistive technology they use.on iAccessibility.net, we have an article about Twitter’s new “night mode” on iOS, but it turns out VoiceOver users can’t access this feature.
  • Now Disney wants to buy Twitter, too?It looks like Twitter is looking to be bought out! Who will win? What will that mean for us? What do we think of Disney owning Twitter?Why Disney is unlikely to buy Twitter
  • Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 STILL the most explosive smartphone?If you thought Samsung’s exploding battery troubles were over, think again. In the last few days, there have been reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7s overheating, and even catching fire! What happened to these new replacements being safe?Galaxy Note 7 replacement batteries catch fire, too
  • Team Tactile and Their Low-Cost Braille DeviceWe could not resist sharing this story! Not only is this group made up of young women, which is very rare in the technology industry, but they are developing a device that could literally change lives. This group of women aims to help blind and visually impaired people gain access to braille on-the-go with their braille translation device. Their target is for it to cost $100, so we can’t wait to see this device mature.How six scrappy young inventors built a breakthrough text-to-Braille translator device
  • What will home automation look like with multiple home hubs?Everyone knows about the Amazon Echo; it is clearly the gadget to beat in this space. However, Google is about to release its connected speaker, Home, and Apple is said to be working on their own speaker with Siri integration. How will these devices work together, if at all?Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: AI is Coming To Your Home

    Apple Stepping Up Plans for Amazon Echo-Style Smart-Home Device

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