Accessible Final Cut Pro Intro And My First Thoughts

This is the edited version of Yesterdays stream. Sorry for the tight edits.
On this tutorial, Taylor will show off her new latest toy Final Cut Pro for mac. She will download for the first time from the app store, and show some tricks. Best of all, this is a fully accessible tutorial for those who use assistive technology.
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Final Cut can be wdownloaded from the mac app store.
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Video Notes

Accessible Final Cut Pro Tutorial Outline
1. Introduction
2. What is Final Cut Pro
a. Video Editor made by Apple
b. Professional
c. Compares to premier
3. Getting Final Cut
a. You may download from the Mac App Store
b. The price is $300 one time
c. There is also a free trial linked in the description
4. Commands I use For Editing
a. L speeds up the clip
b. Command , drags media from finder to put on timeline
c. Command . Used for dropping media on timeline

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