The OrCam camera on some glasses.
Michael speaks with the folks from OrCam with the Hooke Audio headset during the National Federation of the Blind convention. We then discuss the OrCam product and the different features that the glasses offer. OrCam – See For Yourself

#iACast Interview with OrCam at #NFB17

Irie-AT Logo
On this interview, Michael talks with Thomas of Irie-AT on several devices including the Dolphin Guide and the NeoBraille at the National Federation of the Blind 2017 Convention. Irie-AT Home Page

#iACast Interview Irie-AT   Recently updated !

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The National Federation of the Blind convention brings people together to network and to discuss all new technologies. Though we have had the chance to unbox and review the Hooke Audio headphones, we have had the pleasure to sit down today with Anthony and Justin of Hooke Audio to talk […]

#iACast 48 – An Interview With Hooke Audio

Hooke Audio Logo
On this episode of the UnboxCast, Aleeha, Michael, Jason, and T. J. Meloy unbox the Hooke Verse headphones. We also discuss setting up the headphones, and show how accessible the Hooke Verse app is. Hooke Audio

iA UnboxCast 6 – Hooke Verse

NFB Logo
In this episode of the iA Cast, Michael, Aleeha, Scott, and Rich discuss what is to come during the NFB convention for 2017. We also discuss what sessions we plan to visit during this episode. National Federation of the Blind Agenda in HTML NFB Twitter Hashtag is #NFB17

#IACast 47 – Pre-#NFB17

Garageband icon showing guitar.
On this episode of the iA Cast, Aleeha talks with Jason Earls, T. J. Meloy, Matt Dierckens, and Aaron Linson about their backgrounds in music and what software they use to create and produce music. Mentioned Music Software Talking Tuner on the App Store – iTunes – Apple TempoPerfect on […]

#iACast 46 – Lets Go Face The Music

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VO Starter was the first app to teach users VoiceOver for iOS.

VO Starter

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In the past, 3D audio recording has been something that many have not had access to. It seems that we are now seeing many different products on the market that can do 3D audio, and Hooke Audio is one company that provides such a solution. Thanks to the great folks […]

Hooke Audio – 3D Binaural Microphone for iOS

On this episode of the iA Cast Aleeha, Jason, and Michael discuss the iOS 11 beta and share their thoughts on the first build. iOS 11 beta 2 for developers has been released since this recording bringing a lot of fixes while also introducing a few new bugs. The public […]

#iACast 45 – Test it up to 11!

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Everyone likes games, and when gaming is accessible they are even better. MUDs have been an accessible way for people to play games online with friends for a long time, but there has been a lack of accessible MUD clients for the Mac. This week, iAccessibility is proud to announce […]

Bring Your Adventures to the Mac

WWDC17 poster
On this episode of the iA Cast Aleeha, Michael, Jason, Aaron and T. J. discuss the latest news from Apple’s yearly WWDC conference. Here is what was covered in the episode. Apple Announces Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV AirPods will automatically pair with Apple TV tvOS 11 announced. Beta […]

#iACast 44 #WWDC17 After Party