Dot Watch with four Braille cells and orange crown
There were many companies showing products this year at the CSUN Assistive Technology conference this year, and one of those companies was Dot Incorporated. DOT makes a Braille smart watch that is similar to a standard braille display with four braille characters only to let someone tell time and much […]

#CSUNATC17 – Dot Incorporated Makes a Braille Smart Watch For ...

Image showing VoiceOver icon. icon is a grey gradient to white with a universal access symbol and a speaker with sound waves going to the right.
If you are an iOS developer then accessibility should be high on your list of priorities so that all users can utilize your app. Apple has added accessibility traits that are like Aria roles to determine what each element in your app can do. Some of these traits may include Titles, […]

UIAccessibilityTraits Roles for iOS developers

Blind Bargains reported that Amazon’s accessibility help desk will allow users to get product descriptions, which means that any product images on their website will be described on this help line. You will still have to purchase the item from their site but you can now get a description of […]

Amazon’s Accessibility Help Desk Describes Product Images

Around Me app icon dropped gps pin over blue circles
This week I will be traveling to the CSUN 2017 AT conference, and it occurs to me that it would be a good thing to get a few apps that can help me find things in San Diego, so lets look at two of these kinds of apps that can […]

Getting Around Unfamiliar places.

Image of Amazon Tap on white background
Amazon just announced that the Amazon Tap would be updated soon to support a new feature known as hands free mode. This will allow the device to work more like the traditional Echo or Echo Dot where you can just say, “Alexa” to activate the Alexa voice system, so all […]

Amazon Tap Without the Need to Tap?

iPhone SE all colors
Mobile phones are everywhere and are used for many different tasks. Reading email, searching for recipes, chatting with friends from all around the world, and oh yes, actually making phone calls! When Apple announced their new iPhone SE at their event I was overjoyed. There was going to be another […]

Matt’s Favourite Device of 2016 – Apple iPhone SE

iAccessibility Logo
Many of our staff members wrote articles about their favorite device of 2016. In this post we are going to give you a link to each of them. Michael Doise’s post about AirPods. The first post was from Michael Doise. He talked about Apples brand new AirPods. My Favorite Device […]

iAccessibility’s top devices of 2016

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone
I’ve always been interested in battery cases for the iPhone, I’ve even owned one of them. But until recently I owned a 6s plus. I only got one for the battery life and didn’t really care for how big it felt in my hands. So, I downgraded in physical size […]

Carlos’s favorite device of 2016

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iAccessibility saw tremendous growth in 2016, when compared to previous years. For this, we would like to thank you all for reading our articles, sharing our posts, listening to our podcasts, and following us on social media. To celebrate, we would like to share with you the posts that received […]

#Top10 Posts of 2016!