Get To Know Accessible Coders

This was the first event of the Accessible coders.
Welcome to the Accessible Coders chapter. We are the first Codecademy chapter promoting accessibility. Some of our members have disabilities, so all are more than welcome. This chapter is an all virtual chapter that promotes web accessibility.

Chat resources from the meeting:
14:21:34 From Michael Doise :
14:25:19 From Michael Doise :
14:25:32 From Taylor Arndt : [email protected]
14:25:37 From Lauren Flener : [email protected]
14:25:52 From Michael Doise : Michael’s email is [email protected]
14:45:28 From Taylor Arndt :
14:53:07 From Taylor Arndt :
14:54:00 From Taylor Arndt : › channel
14:54:44 From Taylor Arndt :
14:55:19 From Taylor Arndt :
15:01:44 From Michael Doise : [email protected]
15:23:16 From Lauren Flener :
other important links:

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