How I Use Google Workspace For Success In My Company :Taylor’s Teardowns Episode 5

On this Teardown, Taylor will teardown Google Workspace. She will explain how the features of Workspace help her to have a successful company.
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Video Notes

  1. Introduction
    a. What is google Workspace?
    b. Features
    i. Gmail
    ii. Google Drive
    iii. Google apps like sheets, docks, and forms
    iv. Extensions for popular apps like zoom, slack, and more
  2. Ways I use Workspace
    a. Email
    i. I use Gmail for my email needs
    ii. I get a standard google account but I can have email at my own website
    iii. This makes me look more professional with my own branding
    b. File Sharing
    i. I use google drive to share documents folders and other important files with clients and the team
    ii. I also use google docks for Realtime collaboration
    c. Calendar and events
    i. I have google calendars for each different area like Taylor’s Tech Talks, company stuff, and my courses
    ii. I can share events with everyone and even have them show up on Google search for public events and calendars
    d. Google Groups
    i. I use google groups for mailing lists
    ii. What is nice that I can have groups at my own website for different things
    iii. It is like the traditional google groups but for companies

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