#iACast 118 – Google IO Wrap Up

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On this episode of the iACast, Aleeha, Jason, Michael, and Sarah discuss the Google IO Event.




U.S. Supreme Court rules that the lawsuit regarding the app store can proceed. The lawsuit claims that Apple has a monopoly and their 30% commission is inflating prices.


Google pulls the Android License for Huawei!

Google responded to concerns, although some news sources report that this is not a surprise. However, consumers who have Huawei devices should not fear being able to update their security due to an extension by Google of the Android License. This 90-day extension comes after the U.S. relaxed some trade restrictions.


Google IO

You may not be able to control your Nest Thermostat with your Echo. Google has rebranded the Home Hub as the Nest Hub, and there are concerns as to how this integration and brand will allow consumers to use their Alexa enabled devices to control current Nest gadgets.

Duplex is expanding to the web.

In Assistant news, you are now able to simply say “Stop” for an alarm or timer rather than “Hey Google, Stop”.




Sarah: iHeart Radio skill for Alexa as well as Google devices.

Jason: Netflix.

Aleeha: Anker Lightning to USBC Dongle.

Michael: The Secure Shelfish App


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