Unlock Your Computer With Windows Hello

These days, we’re always trying to find the most convenient ways to get access to our technology. Some computers come with finger print readers, and most have built in cameras. Microsoft takes full advantage of this with Windows Hello!

With Windows Hello, you can use your face, iris, or fingerprint to access your information on your device. As long as your device has a fingerprint reader or camera that Windows Hello supports. You can also sign in to your computer with Windows Hello companion devices. Some of these devices are specific and can include Microsoft Band and Windows phones.

How to enable Windows Hello

  1. Go to start and select settings.
  2. Go to accounts and then sign in options.
  3. Select Windows Hello.
  4. Select whether you want to add your face, iris o fingerprint. We are going to use fingerprint in this example, but the steps are the same.
  5. Select add another.
  6. Follow the prompts to touch your finger to the print reader. If you are using a screen reader, you may need to use Narrator to hear those prompts.
  7. Once your first print is in the computer, you will be asked to enter a pen. This is another way of verifying yourself if you are not able to use the print you have entered.

Why use Windows Hello?

I have read many articles that say that with the invention of Windows Hello, passwords will become a thing of the past. Windows Hello will also tie in with Windows Passport, making it possible for one person to sign in to their computer without inputting a password or pin number.

I think Windows Hello is a step in the right direction for Microsoft. I hope that more devices will become compatible with this feature.

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