Organizing Apps in iOS 10 With Voiceover

Up until iOS 10, the process for a Voiceover user to move apps and organize them into folders involved some work. One had to use the pass-through gesture-the 1-finger double tap and hold to get into editing mode. Then one had to be careful and drag icons around the screen to be on top of each other to create folders. Now this is all new in iOS 10. The rotor now simplifies the whole process of moving apps around and creating folders.

To Move apps:

  1. Ensure you’re on the home screen.
  2. Voiceover will say something like, “camera actions available.”
  3. Ensuring your rotor is set to actions, do a 1-finger swipe down.
  4. Voiceover will say arrange apps.
  5. Do a 1-finger double tap. Voiceover says arranging apps.
  6. At this point you are in a screen and are in edit mode.
  7. we will take camera as an example, you can swipe down and you will have the following option: Move Camera
  8. Do a 1-finger double tap Voiceover says choose a destination for camera.
  9. Find photos by swiping left and/or right on your home screen.
  10. As you swipe down, you have:
  11. Cancel move of camera
  12. Create new folder with photos and camera
  13. Place camera before photos
  14. Place camera after photos
  15. Activate
  16. To create a folder, do a 1-finger double tap on the create folder option.
  17. A box is displayed allowing one to change the pre-written folder name.
  18. Other options include allowing one to move the order of apps-move camera before or after photos as we used in the above example.


Note: To Move Apps to say the dock or a different page while in editing mode you can use your standard gestures to scroll to a different page. One can also navigate to the dock and move apps in one of four positions within the dock.


When one finishes editing, push the home button to get out of editing mode. Voiceover says “finished editing.”

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