PawdCast 10 – International Travel

On this episode of the PawdCast, Aleeha and Meaghan first discuss some of the month’s service animal news. First up, a woman was kicked off a flight due to the presence of her emotional support squirrel. Second, Congress passed the FAA Reauthorization bill, which has some interesting implications for future air travel with service animals.

Sponsoring our show this month is On the Go, a business run by Julie Johnson, which sells handmade nylon service dog gear and other useful items.

Next, we enter a new segment for the show, one all about advocacy. This month is all about hotels, so be sure to give that a listen.

Finally, we have the first of two interviews about international travel, this one from Texas resident Holly McKnight. She discusses her experiences with traveling overseas, as well as navigating on a cruise.

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