Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7 New Features

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Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7

The very popular HumanWare Victor Reader Stream has as of September 14, 2016 has been updated to include the following features. Below the summary, see descriptions of how they work in detail.

  • Support for subscribing and unsubscribing to NFB Newsline publications directly on the Stream. Note that this feature can only be used in the uS.

Now similar to subscribing to podcasts, you can subscribe to Newsline publications via your Stream’s wifi connection. In the past NFB Newsline users needed to handle the subscriptions using their computer’s internet browser and setting which publications they wanted to read on the stream via a a web interface into the NFB newsline online favorites section of the web site.

For those who didn’t have access to a computer, that proved to be an impossible task.

Today you can search for a news publication you want to always have on your Stream, subscribe to it, and you will always have the daily newspaper to read with just a few key presses.

  • Support for keeping specific NFB Newsline books In addition to handling the subscriptions to Newsline content directly on the Stream, now you can save daily versions of a publication for later use, just by tapping the 3 key.
  • Ability to sync your time with an Internet time server-See below-requires wifi.
  • Ability to remember specific navigation levels on a per book basis
  • Ability To Loop A Folder in Music


Support for subscribing and unsubscribing to NFB Newsline publications


To use this feature perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure you are connected to wifi. Please consult the user documentation if you are unsure on how to do this.
  2. Push the wifi key-the round button above the number 2 to switch to the online bookcase.
  3. Push the 7 key until you get to NFB Newsline. I am assuming you have not set up NFB newsline yet. Push pound when the stream says add NFB newsline service.
  4. Type in your 6 digit identification number.
  5. Push pound. Then, type in your 4 digit security code.
  6. NFB newsline is set up. At first setup, the Stream will go out and syncrinize any publications you already have added in your favorites.


Subscribing To A Publication

To subscribe to a publication, perform the following steps;

  1. On the NFB newsline online bookshelf, push the Go to Key the stream will say, ““Add NFB Newsline Publications”.”
  2. Press the pound key.
  3. You will now be a list of publications.
  4. Arrow up and down to the desired publication.
  5. If you are looking for a specific state in the US, arrow down using 2 and 8 keys until you find the state of interest.
  6. Then, push pound to view a list of that state’s publications.
  7. Push pound to subscribe to the desired publication.


Saving A Publication For offline Viewing

If you wish to save a copy of a publication it is possible to use the copy function by hitting the 3 key when reading the publication to copy it to the Talking Books bookshelf of the SD card. It is not possible to delete publications from the NFB Newsline online bookshelf as the automatic synchronization will remove old editions and add new ones as they become available.


Making An NFB Publication persistent

You can choose to make an NFB publication persistent (the publication will not be removed) by using the “Prevent auto-deletion of an NFB Newsline issue” another option on the 3 key.

Unsubscribing From A Publication


To unsubscribe from a publication:

  1. Find the publication by using the 4 and 6 keys to navigate.
  2. At the top level, you will move from publication to publication. 3. Use the “Unsubscribe from an NFB publication” option” which you can get to by hitting your number

3 key. Note that this will remove all books for this publication from internal memory, including books that were marked as persistent.


Music Changes

When playing Music you can press the 9 key to toggle between the following playback modes:

Shuffle Off

Shuffle On

Loop Folder

Loop Single

Shuffle On will randomize your music, while Loop folder will automatically start playback from the beginning of the current folder when the end of the folder is reached. Loop Single will automatically start playback from the beginning of the current file when the end of the file is reached.


Syncing To A time Server

After you update and connect to your Wi-Fi, first set your time to the current time in your time zone. After this initial setting is done, your Stream will always keep its time, as it is constantly validating its time with a network time server.


Ability to remember specific navigation levels on a per book basis

To enable this feature:

  1. From the offline bookshelves reached by tapping the wifi button above the 2 key, push the 7 key to enter the Stream’s menus.
  2. Push 8 until you hear “save last used navigation level for each book.”
  3. By default it’s off.
  4. If you turn it on and if you have daisy books with multiple levels, and you always navigate to say level 2 headings, the stream will remember the specific different daisy navigation level on a per book basis.

Enjoy version 4.7!!


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