Vidiq Extension And Vidiq App Accessibility Review 2021: Taylor’s Teardowns Episode 6

On this Teardown,Taylor will look at #vidiq. This is a Youtube helper tool. This helps you to get stats, generate video ideas, research keywords, and much more.
Topics Covered
00:00 – Introduction
03:55 – Vidiq Webapp Review
04:34 – Chapter 5
05:13 – Diving Into Stats
08:11 – Accessibility Bug: Channel Names Read Graphics
08:27 – Diving Into Keywords
10:32 – More Stats
13:02 – Looking At Dayly Ideas
16:03 – Launching The Studio
16:13 – Looking At The Vidiq Stats On Chrome
17:40 – Auditing My Channel
18:40 – Accessibility Bug: No Focus On Channel Audit
19:22 – Understanding The Audit
23:00 – Accessibility Feedback: General Audit Feedback For Screen Reader Users
24:49 – Accessibility Feedback: Unable to Find Vidiq Extension Menu
25:25 – Looking At Other Features
25:41 – Accessibility Feedback: Focus Isn’t Given To Achievements For Screen Reader Users
26:34 – Understanding My Achievements Data
29:21 – Accessibility Feedback: No Alternative Text On the SEO Screen
29:37 – Understanding The SEO Screen
32:26 – Opening The App
33:24 – Accessibility Problem: The Dayli Ideas And Predictions Don’t Read In The Correct Order
34:33 – Accessibility Problem: When Adding Tags, The Keyboard Is Stuck And Users Can
’T get out
36:12 – Conclusion

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