192 – Bing My AI

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Episode Notes

In this episode of the IACast, the main speaker, Michael Doise, introduces the rest of the group and mentions that they are now doing a pre-show before recording the episodes live on IACast radio. They also talk about their new travel and tech show that will be coming out soon. Michael and Marty give an overview of what they have been doing on Unmute, including a preview episode of the travel show.

They discuss various topics, including the changes happening on Twitter and the potential downfall of the platform. They mention that Twitter is no longer the same and that blocking users will no longer be possible except in direct messages. They also discuss the chaotic nature of the platform and the possibility of bringing back blocking behind a paywall.

There is a discussion about the use of different social media platforms and the need to reach a wider audience. The main speaker emphasizes the importance of serving the audience wherever they are, mentioning that Mastodon has a significant blind user base. They encourage content creators to consider using Mastodon to broaden their reach and engage with a larger audience.

The main speaker also mentions the issue of tools not supporting other platforms and the challenge of transitioning to new tools. They express frustration with companies serving people with disabilities using platforms that are not accessible. The main speaker advocates for open conversations and collaboration to find solutions. They praise the customization options and user-friendliness of the Mastodon app, emphasizing its potential for individualized experiences.

The main speaker also highlights the complexity of various social media platforms and acknowledges the limitations of some apps. They share their own experiences with Facebook and the limitations of the Threads app.

They discuss the rumors surrounding OpenAI’s potential bankruptcy, expressing skepticism and mentioning that someone will likely buy their technology or invest in them. They caution against unnecessary panic created by media reports and emphasize the importance of managing expectations and transparency. They mention their excitement about the Be My Eyes Be My AI beta and the new Bing app feature that uses OpenAI. They discuss the user experience of both apps and the challenges they have encountered, highlighting the limitations of AI technology.

They also discuss the importance of seeking education and assistance from pharmacies for individuals who need to take medications. They caution against over-reliance on technology and stress the need for caution and cross-referencing information.

The main speaker introduces the app picks for this episode, including the Mercury weather app and the Phind AI-based programming assistant. They also discuss their preferences for TV shows to watch.

The main speaker provides their contact information and encourages listeners to provide feedback and share their thoughts and preferences. They express gratitude to the other speakers for being part of the show and thank the listeners for tuning in. The episode concludes with an invitation to stay updated on new episodes and explore more podcasts on the IACast network.


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