195 – iPhone Pre-Order Issues

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Episode Notes

In Episode 195 of the iACast, we are joined by Michael Babcock, Marty Sobo, and Lynn Schneider. Michael and Marty discuss their recent work on the Unmute podcast, including their Friday finds and their thoughts on music and podcast apps. They also mention their recent live iACast show on the Apple Keynote event and the new websites for Friday Finds and Unmute. They tease an exciting announcement about the iAccessibility app.

Moving on, we delve into leaked information about Apple’s new phones, specifically the use of tetraprism technology. We express frustration with misleading titles in tech journalism and praise Apple for their transparency. We also appreciate Apple’s innovative use of titanium in their products. We are particularly excited about the blue titanium iPhone and plan to do a large unboxing video. However, we are frustrated with Apple’s decision not to sell standalone cases for AirPods, which forces customers to buy new buds even if they don’t need to. We discuss the environmental impact of this decision and speculate about reselling the cases separately.

Next, we address conflicting rumors about lossless audio support and contemplate buying USB-C EarPods for compatibility with our Macs. We discuss the convenience of recording high-resolution videos directly to a USB-C SSD hard drive and the potential for connecting iPhones together and transferring files using the Files app. We note that the cable included with the phone is slower and explore other options for faster speeds. Additionally, we mention the ability to charge other devices with the phone and discuss the lack of quick charge capabilities.

Shifting gears, we share our own purchases and storage needs for the new phones. We discuss phone storage capacities, the pricing of higher capacity models, and the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch. We also delve into medical technologies and the potential impact of smartwatches in healthcare. We talk about the importance of checking spam folders, the upcoming features of the Apple Watch 9, and the possibility of glucose meters. We discuss the potential insurance coverage for smartwatches used for medical purposes and their role in medical monitoring and well-being.

Moving on, we share our frustrations with the iPhone pre-order process and compare the perspectives of Android users and iPhone users. We note the high demand and congestion during iPhone launches and how Apple has hired more retail staff to address this. We discuss the convenience of pre-ordering online and Michael’s plan to upgrade through their carrier. We mention the preference for financing through carriers and the distinction with Apple financing. We advise listeners to do their homework and choose the best option for themselves.

We mention concerns about iOS 17 bugs and advise against early upgrading. We talk about the importance of knowing one’s tolerance for problems and waiting for stability before updating. Finally, we discuss the new ringtones and alert tones in the upgrade, including the replacement of the tritone for the system alert sound. We encourage listeners to check out the new sounds, back up their data, and share our personal backup process.

We wrap up the episode by asking for listener feedback and sharing our personal picks and where to find us online. Listeners can find more information about the show at iacast.net and reach out to us via email at feedback@iacast.net. They can also follow us on Twitter at IACastNetwork and check out more great podcasts on the iAcast network at iacast.net.


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