A Look at the new Magic Keyboard from Apple

The new Magic keyboard is very similar to the keyboard on the new Macbook, and is thinner, lighter and smaller than the previous version. This keyboard, while new and different in size has a few definite perks over the previous keyboard. For one thing, the new keyboard can be charged quickly with a Lightning cable. 2 Minutes should charge the keyboard up to 9 hours of battery power. Plugging the keyboard into a device should automatically pair the keyboard to the new device as long as it supports a newish version of bluetooth. If your computer does not support bluetooth, you can use the keyboard as a wireless keyboard. One way this is nice is that you can use the keyboard with a PC, so you can throw your keyboard in a bag and use it on any computer you have or come into contact with. This allows for you to use the computer the same whether it is your computer, or someone else’s.

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