Amazon Tap Without the Need to Tap?

Amazon just announced that the Amazon Tap would be updated soon to support a new feature known as hands free mode. This will allow the device to work more like the traditional Echo or Echo Dot where you can just say, “Alexa” to activate the Alexa voice system, so all you would have to do is ask it questions as if you were using an Echo or Echo Dot. Here is how to turn this feature on.

Enable Hands Free mode on Amazon Tap.

To Enable Hands free mode, you will need to have the updated device software on your Tap. At the time of this post I do not see this software update, but here are the steps if you were to have this software update which rolls out over the air as long as the device is on Wi-Fi.

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device
  2. Find the menu button at the top left
  3. Find Settings in the menu
  4. Find and select your Tap in the list of devices. It should have the name similar to Your Name’s Tap
  5. find the setting for Hands free mode and activate it

While using Hands free mode you should still get 8 hours of battery from your Tap. You can also press the power button on the back to put the device to sleep so it keeps charged longer.


Many have said that the Tap was a useless device because it did not have hands free use with the Alexa platform. With this software update, Amazon has gone a long way to make this device more useful in making it a battery powered alternative to the Echo Dot and to the bigger Echo device.

I personally plan to use this device now while I travel and at convention season this summer.

Amazon Tap – Amazon

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