Automatic App Updates

Automatic app updates from the App Store is a great new feature for iOS and OS X, but it is not the best feature for VoiceOver users.

When a developer makes an update to their app, they typically make changes to the user interface of that app, which can make part or all of that app inaccessible to VoiceOver users. Because of this fact, it is probably a good idea for VoiceOver users to disable their automatic app updates for their devices.

<h2>Disable Automatic App Updates</h2>

<li>From your home screen, go to <strong>settings.</strong></li>
<li>From the main menu in Settings, go to <strong>iTunes and App Store</strong></li>
<li>Find the section that says <strong>Automatic Downloads</strong></li>
<li>double or split tap the switch next to <strong>Updates</strong></li>

This process makes sure that any currently accessible apps stay accessible until an accessible update becomes available.

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