Best Device of 2016 – Michael Doise

The year of 2016 has given us several new and exciting devices, and our authors here at iAccessibility will be writing about what they feel is their favorites, but I will start everything off with my favorite, which is…

The Apple AirPods!!!

When Apple released their new phone in September, they promised the release in October for their wireless earbuds, but they had to delay the launch due to issues with the device. In December, Apple released the AirPods, and they did not disappoint in what they promised.

I managed to pick up the AirPods from Best Buy while they were available online, and they were delivered two days later. Until this point, I have typically used EarPods and other bluetooth headphones like the Aftershokz Trekz and for a short time, the Beats PowerBeats3, but I have since retired and returned each of these as the AirPods have changed the way I listen to audio on a daily basis. I even use the AirPods on the Mac to record podcasts. I use the AirPods for output and my regular mic for audio input


While the AirPods may not be perfect and for everyone, they are my favorite device for 2016, and I recommend them to all that want a wireless audio solution that is clear and that allows for listening to audio while traveling in a noisy city where you have to know where you are going.

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