Book Recommendation: Take Control of Shortcuts by Rosemary Orchard

Android users have always bragged that their phones could allow for a higher level of customization than iOS. In ways this is still the case, but Apple’s introduction of Shortcuts has brought both operating systems closer together in how customizable the experience can be.

Unfortunately, many users do not know that this feature exists, or how to use it, so I am very excited to recommend this book by Rosemary Orchard called Take Control of Shortcuts.

I personally have learned a lot from this book, and I have been writing shortcuts since they were called Workflows in the Workflow app. I love that I can change the brightness when I open a game, or set do not disturb when I am reading a book. I could go on but I think you will find your own favorites by reaing the book.

Even if creating shortcuts just isn’t for you, you can learn how to find shortcuts that apps make for you by reading this book, so I urge all users of iOS 13 to check this book out, and also to listen to the Automators podcast to keep learning how to automate your life.

Take Control of Shortcuts – Take Control Books 
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