iCast 2 – Accessibility Events And Privacy Implications

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News Apple and Qualcomm reach a settlement agreement Intel to exit 5G Smartphone modem business Apple cancels AirPower Samsung Galaxy Folds are breaking Apple will provide free data migration service in store for new Mac purchases or repairs Beyond The Gallery Check out the Handwriting To Text shortcut. More information on this and other shortcuts… Continue Reading iCast 2 – Accessibility Events And Privacy Implications

iCast 1: Introductions

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The iCast is a monthly podcast hosted by Allison Hartley and others to discuss the latest Apple news. On this episode, Allison, Aleeha, Jason, and Michael discuss the following topics. The history of iOS Our introductions to iOS About the podcast Apps we are enjoying are Michael’s Pick: Workflow Jason’s Pick: Seeing AI Aleeha’s pick:… Continue Reading iCast 1: Introductions

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