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#iACast 58: Linux as an Alternative to Windows

In this episode, Jason and Jeremy discuss using Linux as an alternative to Windows and macOS.

Topics include:

  • Ubuntu and Debian, two distributions of Linux,
  • The Orca and Speakup screenreaders,
  • BRLTTY, a braille display daemon for Orca and other console screenreaders,
  • The Debian Accessibility Wiki which has great information about the accessibility options available for Debian. You can also apply the information to other distributions as well.
  • DistroWatch where you can find and download different Linux distributions,
  • and more.

Correction: In the podcast, it is stated that Debian doesn’t offer a liveCD. Debian does in fact offer a liveCD. You can find it on the liveCD page.

By Jason Earls (Member of iA Staff)

Hey there, thanks for stopping by.
I hope you're enjoying all of the great content we have here.

Things I love:
Music? Check. Technology? Check.

I started getting into technology a bit later than some. I started using Windows in 2003 or 2004, until 2010.
After that, I ended up getting a Mac, and have been using OS 10/macOS ever since. I am also a member of Apple's public macOS and IOS beta programs. I’ve played with Ubuntu, but I haven't really delved into it. One of these days, I'm going to get a box, and start learning it for real. I've also used Android up to Kit-Kat. I love to learn and help people, and just have a good time.