#iACast 58: Linux as an Alternative to Windows

Picture of Linux Lgo named Tux

In this episode, Jason and Jeremy discuss using Linux as an alternative to Windows and macOS. Topics include: Ubuntu and Debian, two distributions of Linux, The Orca and Speakup screenreaders, BRLTTY, a braille display daemon for Orca and other console screenreaders, The Debian Accessibility Wiki which has great information about the accessibility options available for Debian. You can also apply the information to other distributions… Continue Reading #iACast 58: Linux as an Alternative to Windows

#iACast 42 OSWars Mac VS Windows VS Linux

A picture of the Windows Logo

Several weeks ago we published our last major podcast on the differences between iOS and Android as our first OSWars podcast. This time we compare the differences between MacOS, Windows and Linux and what everyone uses. Join Aleeha, Thomas, Michael, Matt, and Buddy Brannan as we debate what desktop OS works best. While all of… Continue Reading #iACast 42 OSWars Mac VS Windows VS Linux

#iACast 27 – Backdoor

iAccessibility Logo

Hello, and welcome to another delayed edition of our podcast! We are hopeful that our schedule will be a little more regular soon, so we hope you all are sticking with us. In this episode, which was recorded on November 16, 2016, we cover the following topics: A Backdoor to ChinaHow would you feel if… Continue Reading #iACast 27 – Backdoor

#iACast 14: Wi-Pi

Raspberry Pi Logo

Episode notes ON this episode of iA Cast we discuss the latest Apple news, and we talk about the new version of the Raspberry Pi, a $35 computer that can fit in your pocket We discuss that Sony is bringing their streaming PlayStation game playing service to the Mac, and the latest in gaming news.… Continue Reading #iACast 14: Wi-Pi