Lock screen

The lock screen in iOS 7 is very similar to the lock screen of iOS 6 and earlier, but with some improvements.


    iOS 7 uses a style similar to widgets on other mobile platforms. The standard widget is the time, but if you are playing audio, then the standard lock screen widget will be the audio player widget. If you are near a location that uses passbook, you can see a small picture of your card, along with the option to unlock to scan your card there on the lock screen.
    <h2>Unlocking your device</h2>
    Below are the current/new ways to unlock your device from the lock screen.
        <li>As with earlier releases of iOS, you can unlock your device by finding and double/split tapping the slide to unlock button.</li>
        <li>Also in previous versions of iOS, double tap a notification to unlock your device to that application.</li>
        <li>New to iOS 7, take three fingers and flick right from anywhere on the screen. This will unlock your device and bring you to your last location.</li>
    <h2>Control and Notification Centers</h2>
    Control center and Notification center can now be accessed from the lock screen as well. open those sections of this app to learn more about them. accessing these features work the same even if your on your lock screen.

    There have been many improvements to the lock screen, so it's really a good idea to explore this area, and see what changes or aditions you can find that we have not discussed here.

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