Matt’s Favourite Device of 2016 – Apple iPhone SE

Mobile phones are everywhere and are used for many different tasks. Reading email, searching for recipes, chatting with friends from all around the world, and oh yes, actually making phone calls!
When Apple announced their new iPhone SE at their event I was overjoyed. There was going to be another phone on the market that was the same screen size as the 5S. Those of us who weren’t comfortable upgrading to a larger sized phone are still able to enjoy apple’s iOS operating system, have a faster processor, and the most important part for me, being able to afford a larger capacity phone for a decent price.
I had never been able to purchase an iPhone on release day. All of my phones have been purchased under carrier contract and not unlocked from Apple.
When I started on my iPhone journey, I had the iPhone 4, which by that time was a year old. then I had the iPhone 5 in 2014 and the iPhone 5s in that same year after apple was kind enough to give it to me after they were unable to get a replacement battery for my 5.

On March 31 I sold my iPhone 5s, unlocked from my phone carrier and went to the store and got an iPhone SE 64GB (I could not deal with a 16 gb phone) as that has been the storage capacity I had since the iPhone 4.
The iPhone SE has an excellent 12.2 megapixel camera for use with apps like TapTapSee and KNFBReader. It may look like the iPhone 5 and 5S externally, but it has the internals of the iPhone 6s, apart from the Touch ID censor which is the first generation model found in the 5S. It also lacks the 3D Touch function found in the newer model phones. To be honest, I was just happy to purchase a new phone, 64 gigs, on release day and certain little bells and whistles didn’t bother me.
I have been very satisfied with the iPhone SE! I definitely will not be upgrading to a new phone any time soon. This is my favourite device of 2016.

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