Multitasking with iPad VoiceOver and iOS 9

As advertised, The iPad will now support multitasking in iOS 9, and it is just as easy for VoiceOver users to take advantage of this feature. Here is how it works.

  1. While in an app, tap the status bar. You will notice there is a third option here instead of just notification enter and Control Center.
  2. flick left with three fingers to move in the apps list.
  3. Find an app on the right side of the screen and double tap it.
  4. Once both apps are open you will have your right most app on top of the left app. you will need to now take your finger and slowly move left on the screen. You will hear something that says side app decider. This lets you drag or manipulate the two apps you have on the screen. To make both apps visible, double tap on the side app decider.
  5. To pick another app, you will need to find the status bar in the right app and flick left with three fingers again. This will let you pick an app from the app list.
  6. If you have an app on both sides of the decider, you can double tap the side app decider again to unpin apps. This means that only the app on the right would be active,
  7. You will also be able to flick up or down on the side app decider for other options. You can dismiss the app on the right, maximize the app on the right, or use it to pin apps together by double tapping. Another option in the actions list is the app chooser for the right side.
  8. If you double tap and hold on the side app decider, you can drag the decider left or right to make each app bigger or smaller.

One thing to remember is that apps are not pinned side by side by default. You will have to pull in an app, and then use the side app decider to pin both apps on the screen.

I hope you have found this guide helpful. We will be doing a few more iOS 9 guides later today on new accessibility features, and we will also be making a few iA Cast episodes to go with this release.

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