Notification Center

If you have used VoiceOver in previous versions of iOS, you’ll notice that Notification Center works the same in iOS 7 as it would in iOS 6 and earlier. This section will discuss the new changes made to Notification Center and how they affect VoiceOver.

Accessing Notification Center

    Since the introduction of notification center, VoiceOver users tap once on the status bar then swipe down with three fingers. Now, VoiceOver users can access Notification Center from the lock screen by using the same method.
    <h2>Notification Center Areas</h2>
    There are three areas now in Notification center that inlcude <strong>Today</strong>, <strong>All</strong>, and <strong>Missed</strong>. VoiceOver users can get to each of these areas by finding desired tab at the top and double/split tapping on it
    <h2>The Today Tab</h2>
    The today tab is different for each user and each device. For example, a user's iPhone may display their home and work calendar, their alrms, driving time to work, bookmarked stocks, and the weather. That user's iPad may only display their home calendar, and weather. Another user may see totally diffrent items on their Today tab
    <h2>the All Tab</h2>
    The All tab is simply a history all received notifications. This tab displays the same information as notification center in previous versions of iOS.
    <h2>the Missed Tab</h2>
    The Missed tab shows all notifications that were missed on other devices. Notifications on this tab are displayed in the same format as the All tab, and can be removed by tapping the clear button next to the app's name.

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