Quick Tip: Enable Dark Mode in iOS 13

Quick Tip: Enable Dark Mode in iOS 13

Users have wanted the ability to select a dark theme for their operating systems as long as there have been operating systems, and Smart invert has helped make that dream a reality. Smart invert changes the solid background colors of each screen to be reverse of what would normally be shown. This usually gets the job done, but it doesn’t always work correctly. I use WhatsApp, and my background color is blue. Smart invert makes this an orange color, which is not what I would like to see. Dark Mode also changes the color to be dark, but it allows for a developer to customize the experience so that the app looks great no matter which mode is active.

iOS 13 has this new dark mode feature, and here’s how to turn it on.

  1. Open the settings app
  2. Tap Display and Brightness
  3. Here you will find the two options to pick Light and Dark. This will even change your wallpaper to look lighter or darker.

Note: You can use the Automatic toggle switch to keep your device light during the day and dark at night.


Dark Mode is an amazing new feature added in iOS 13. I have been using it on my phone, and some on my iPad, so it will be a great new feature when it comes out. The only downside to dark mode is that an app bust be designed to utilize the feature. I urge all users to reach out to your favorite app’s developer and ask them to enable dark mode in their next update so you can experience this in all your apps.


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