Quick Tip: Quickly Charge your iPhone.

iPad 12V Charger
iPad 12V Charger

Everyone on the internet will offer you the fastest way to charge your phone blog posts, but we want to actually give some useful information that you may have not yet heard.

Airplane Mode

You can charge your phone faster if it is in airplane mode. You will not receive calls while airplane mode is active however, so make sure you do this when you are not expecting to receive calls or have anything pressing that requires you to be online. Airplane mode disables all of your phone’s radios at once.

The Apple iPad 12V USB charger.

Apple makes a 12 volt charger for the iPad that also works for your phone. These adapters are $19 from the Apple Store, and they will charge your phone in about 1 hour. If you have airplane mode on as well, then your phone will charge even faster.

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