#iACast 8 – Recording with a watch?

This week on iA Cast we record the episode with an app on the Apple Watch called Just Press Record. Let us know what you think.
  1. Just Press Record is an app for iOS that works with Apple Watch. You can record and it saves your recordings immediately to iCloud Drive.
  2. Apple comes out with new Aluminum and glass gold and rose gold Apple Watches. Rose gold model has a rose gold color in the selection of colors for your complications.
  3. New iMacs with retina displays. 21.5 inch has 4k and 27 inch has 5k display. each one comes with new magic devices.
  4. Apple releases Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2. Magic keyboard is wedge shaped like the new Magic Trackpad and has a flatter design. Magic Trackpad 2 has force Touch and the Magic Mouse 2 is slimmer with the same kind of feel. All three of these devices use Lightning cables to charge, and can get 9 hours of battery in 2 minutes of charging.
  5. We then discuss the difference between USB-C and Micro USB.
  6. We discuss the news in Gaming.
  7. We then talk about iOS content blockers and if you should use them. Check out Purify Blocker in the App Store.
  8. The BARD Mobile app from NLS has been updated with new features and the same bugs.
  9. Fall television is back with great new seasons. Many shows can be found on Hulu and other places online. Apple adds all Harry Potter books to the iBookStore and more.

We hope you have enjoyed this episode of iA Cast. Please leave us feedback on how you like the recording quality of the Apple Watch and the Just Press Record app.

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