Shell Phone Show: accessing the manual on the Blindshell classic 2


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If you’d like to access the manual on the Blind Shell Classic 2,

You can do so within the phone itself.

Press and hold the back button until you hear the time.

  • 7.31 PM.
  • Press the up button until you hear.
  • Call one of seven.

Turn off the phone.

Seven of seven.

Manual six of seven.

  • If you press okay on manual.
  • Blind shell classic two user guide.

One of eight.

  • You’re then presented with a menu of eight options.

The first one is Blind Shell 2 User Guide.

If you press OK.

Blind Shell Classic 2 is a buttoned phone for blind and visually impaired people.

The phone is controlled via the physical keypad or by voice commands.

So that tells us there are two menu options here.

If I press the down arrow.

Important notice, if you let your phone’s battery discharge completely,

it may appear that the phone is not able to charge at all.

And you’re able to continue reading through that manual.

Tap the back button to go back to the menu.

> App blind shell classic two user guide, one of eight.

> We can press the down arrow key.

> Getting started, two of eight.

> So in getting started, we’ll press “Okay”.

> Package contents, one of six.

> Each one of these sections has more information inside of it.

So when I press “Okay”.

> To turn on the phone, one of one.

> Because you didn’t hear a chime,

That means that you don’t have a menu option.

And if you hear it say more than of one, then you just use your down arrow keys to hear

the next lines of content.

The music used in today’s Shellphone show was thanks to Andre Louis and his Shorts collection.

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