Spanish With Karla: Gender Conjunctions and more Vocabulary Words

Episode Notes

In this episode of Spanish with Karla, we learn new words related to people, including how to say “I” in Spanish as “yo”. We explore the pronunciation differences of the letter Y and go over phrases like “I am a woman” and “I am a man”. Additionally, we discuss addressing young women with terms like “muchacha” and “señorita”, and touch on formal and informal ways of addressing people using “usted” and “tú”. We cover conjugating verbs and introduce vocabulary related to a house. Join us next week for more Spanish learning!


Gender Conjugation
I am     Yo soy/Yo estoy
You      Tú eres/Tú estás
She      Ella es/ Ella está
El         El es/El está
We       Nosotros, nosotras somos/estamos
They    Ellos/Ellas son/están
You(plural)     Ustedes son/están
A woman     Una mujer
A man     Un hombre
A girl     Una niña
A boy     Un niño
A baby     Un bebé/Una bebé
A Young lady     Una señorita

House     casa
Door     Puerta
Window     Ventana
Kitchen     Cocina
Livingroom     Sala 

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