Technically Working TW27 – Gravity of the Forms

Welcome to the 27th episode of Technically Working, where host Michael Babcock gives a shoutout to Taylor for her innovative WordPress plugin for Gravity Forms. This episode delves into a spirited conversation about the challenges and frustrations of using Gravity Forms, with Michael and Damashe sharing their experiences.

The discussion then moves to audio and Google Chrome, highlighting Clean Feed’s beta feature for audio mixing. The hosts also explore the potential of AI Cast for live streaming and discuss the search for alternatives to Chrome. A special guest, Sean, is announced for the upcoming show, adding an element of anticipation.

Diving into the world of TV streaming services, Michael shares his experiences with Channels, including the challenges of recording a football game. The conversation then pivots to the realm of password security, with Damashe discussing his trials with iCloud shared passwords and iCloud Keychain’s password sharing feature.

The hosts also touch on the topic of time and task management, sharing their experiences with Timing, Timery, and Todoist. They explore the benefits of using Siri to open Waterminder, a water tracking app, and the role of widgets in enhancing accessibility.

The episode also delves into the intricacies of using calendar apps like Fantastical, with the hosts sharing valuable tips and discussing the potential of a Fantastical Android version. The conversation then shifts to the limitations of Apple’s family subscriptions and the advantages of Fantastical’s family plan.

Data backup strategies take center stage towards the end, with Damashe sharing his switch from ARK to Wasabi and Backblaze for local computer data backup. The hosts discuss the importance of reliable backup systems, especially for client data. They also explore the potential of Arc for business data backup and optimizing cloud storage.

Wrapping up the episode, Damashe and Michael invite listeners to share their own tips for Windows or Mac setup, encouraging them to reach out via Mastodon or email.


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