Unmute Presents: Screen Recording on iPhone for Accessibility

  1. Introduction:
    – Discussion about the inspiration for this episode from the latest DoubleTap show where host Sean talks about recording applications that may not be fully accessible.
  2. Main Content:
    – Detailed walkthrough on how to record an iPhone screen and include voiceover, a useful tool for developers to understand accessibility challenges.
    – Topics covered:

    • Navigating an iPhone 12 without a home button.
    • Adding the screen recording feature to the control center.
    • Reordering controls in the control center for screen recording.
    • Starting and stopping screen recording.
    • Sharing the recorded video with developers.
  3. Conclusion:
    – Recap of the process and its potential benefits for app developers and users.
    – Invitation for listeners to reach out with any questions or comments.
  4. Contact Information:
    – Encouragement for listeners to reach out on Mastodon at payown, P-A-Y-O-W-N, at unmute.community with any questions or feedback.

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