Unmute Presents “Spooky Surprises and AI Insights: Halloween Themes and Oracle of Light on Lady A”

In this podcast episode, Marty and Lucy discuss Halloween-themed features for Amazon’s Alexa (referred to as “Lady A”) and the new AI feature, Oracle of Light. Lucy shares her experience with the Halloween theme, demonstrating how Alexa responds with themed replies to queries like weather updates. They explore the Oracle of Light skill, highlighting its free and paid versions. The paid version, integrated with ChatGPT, offers more detailed responses and maintains conversation context. Lucy demonstrates this by asking about baking a cake, Dan Fogelberg’s history, and facts about Michigan, including its cities, population, and governor. They also discuss the potential for storing information from Alexa’s responses and compare the accuracy of responses between the free and paid versions of the Oracle of Light skill. The episode concludes with thoughts on the increasing role of AI in everyday technology.

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